About Us

We're designers and cyclists and we strive to produce quality and 100% original designs that celebrate life on two wheels. We're not a shop for roadies. We're not a shop for mountain bikers. Cycle Style is a cycling brand. We love to ride all types of bikes, always have done and we use our bikes to travel. Whether it be to the local coffee shop or to a remote part of our beautiful planet. We're passionate about cycling, but we also try not to take ourselves too seriously. We're just about good times on two wheels and giving voice to that in our designs :) Hit us up if you have any ideas about designs you'd like to see on tees or hoodies or those things your girlfriend (or boyfriend) says are 'soft furnishings', you know, those cushion things... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Worldwide shipping. Quality materials. Affordable pricing. But most important of all, just get out there and ride ツ